Meet our speakers:

prof. Han Xia

TU Delft

Han Xia holds an MSc. in applied physics from Clausthal University of Technology in Germany. During his PhD research at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands he developed a sensor prototype based on laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) for inline quality inspection of demolition concrete. He is currently doing his postdoctoral research in the same group and focuses on correlating the sensor data with the quality of new building & construction material composed of recycled products. 

Prof. Maarten Bakker 

TU Delft

Maarten  Bakker is an assistant professor at Delft University where he teaches a variety of courses and conducts research in solid waste recycling. He specializes since 2008 in sensor systems for online quality inspection and materials sorting. He holds a Master in Electrical Engineering (1994, TUD) and a Ph.D. (2000, TUD).

Eric van Roekel


Mr. E. van Roekel  is adjunct director of GBN, a 100% subsidiary of Strukton Civil, since 2010. He is responsible for the dismantling, demolition, recycling and reuse of waste, secondary materials and circular business models. Examples of materials are C&DW, EoL Concrete, old road constructions, rail ballast, (contaminated)soil and sludge and immobilization. Since this year Eric is director of C2CA Technology, a Strukton/TUDelft company developing innovative concrete recycling technologies. From 2011-2014 he was coordinator of the  EU funded FP7 project C2CA “Advanced Technologies for the production of cement and clean aggregates from construction and demolition waste” (Grand agreement No 265187). Now he is involved in the HISER project 2014-2017 funded under the Horizon 2020. Eric is coordinator of the case studies.

prof. Peter Rem

TU Delft

Prof. Dr. P.C. Rem is full professor at Delft University of Technology heading te Resources & Recycling Chair of the Section Materials and Environment. The chair has 14 members, including PhD students and post-docs, and a fully equipped Recycling Laboratory. Mr. Rem obtained his PhD in superconductivity and worked in the petrochemical industry before joining TU Delft. He has published on physics (superconductivity, latice gases, neutron spectroscopy, CFD, mechanics and electrodynamics) as well as on applied science (minerals processing, drying and recycling) and is author of over a dozen patents on process technology and process equipment, about half of wich have been implemented in industry. 

prof. Jan Deja

AGH University of Science and Technology

Leo Dekker


prof. Francesco Di Maio

TU Deft

Dr. Francesco Di Maio is currently assistent professor at Delft University of Technology. After his MSc in Chemical Engineering Dr . Francesco Di Maio finisched his PhD study in Environmental Technical Physics in the Department of Technical Physics at Palermo University. Since 1999 he work for Delft University at Technoloqy and had been involved in research on Waste Separation an Recycling research issues. He is currently working on the development of innovative indicators to quantitatively measure circularity and resource efficiency. He is also involved in developing online courses and education in the field of recycling and the FP17 C2CA project on C&DW recycling. In 2015 he received a MBA from Rotterdam School of Management.

Somayeh (Somi) Lofti

TU Deft

Somayeh (Somi) Lotfi received her MSc degree on Materials Engineering in Tehran, Iran. She got appointed as a PhD candidate at Delft University of Technology in July 2011 and her PhD was focusing on developing the C2CA process under supervision of Prof. Peter Rem. Her PhD project got nominated for DIG-it award in TUDelft, and among 80 top selected innovative projects at Technical University of Delft, C2CA project got the second place at the award ceremony. In parallel with her PhD research, she has been involved in developing research proposals and resulting followed up projects such as HISER, a SWITCH-Asia II project (CDW management in Mongolia), a 3TU project and the most recent one VEEP. She is currently doing her postdoctoral research on fine-tuning of the C2CA process and meantime leading the SWITCH-Asia II project in the resources and recycling group in TUDelft. 

Wojciech Klimek, MSc

Wojciech Klimek, MSc, was  graduated from the Institute of Chemical and Process Engineering of the University of Technology of Lodz, Poland, in 1983. He has worked as a chemical engineer/organic chemist in industrial and academic research laboratories (dyes, drugs), and for international companies (Pall Poland, Sapa Aluminium). In 2007  he started working as an FP7 research programme officer for the European  Commission - DG Research and Innovation (Eco-innovation Unit). He has been monitoring various FP7 technological projects, mainly in waste technologies, material recovery, and wastewater treatment.  Project officer for C2CA project.